Rtn.K.A.Ramayya (President 08-09)
Rtn.Urmil Dharia (Secretary 08-09)
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Weekly Meetings Details From July-2008-09.

Date Subject Avenue Of Service Speaker/Guest/Locatioin
4 July Rotary Club of Shanghai, China International Service Mr. Rajesh Pamnani
5 July Installation Nite – at Family World Club Service Chief Guest Mr. A. K. Purohit
12 July Club Assembly Club Service Director & Chairman brief and discuss about current years goals & ways to implement
19 July Speaker Meet – Right to Walk   Ms. Kanthimathi Kannan
26 July Medical Camp Community Service Centenary school, Picket, Secbad
27 July District Membership Development Seminar   FAPCCI Hall

Weekly Meetings Details From August-2008.

Date Subject Avenue Of Service Speaker/Guest/Locatioin
2 Aug Alternative Therapy - Accupunture Club Service Mrs. Sunita Tibrewala
9 Aug Vastu Sastra Club Service Mr. S. S. Teja
16 Aug Sustainability for small Business Club Service Mr. Bal Subramanyam
23 Aug Water – Elexiv of Life Club Service Mrs. Indira Sampath
31 Aug Fellowship Nite at Whisper Valley, Walden club Club Service

Rtn. Samir, Rtn. Jitendar, Rtn. Rahul

Weekly Meetings Details From September-2008.

Date Subject Avenue Of Service Speaker/Guest/Locatioin
06 Sep Thief of Eye Sight Club Service Rtn. Dr. Ajay Seth
13 Sep Stem Cells Club Service Shibari Benerjee
20 Sep Architecture of Alampur Temple Club Service Rtn. Dr. Promod Shinde
26 Sep Fellowship Nite at Allegator Club Service

Ann’s of RCSSKavita Rathi, Sujatha Ramayya, Rohini Rao and Tanvi Pamnani

Weekly Meetings Details From October-2008.

Date Subject Avenue Of Service Speaker/Guest/Locatioin
4 Oct Club Assembly Club Service  
8 Oct Speaker Meet – Joint chapter meetHyderabad Metro Rail Club Service Mr. N. V. S. Reddy
18 Oct Pragati Printer Vocational Service Mr. S. K. Verma(Dir: Vocational Service)
25 Oct Vocational Service in Rotary Club Service

Rtn. Suresh Khemani(Dir: Vocational Service)

Weekly Meetings Details From November-2008.

Date Subject Avenue Of Service Speaker/Guest/Locatioin
1 Nov U.S Credit & its effect Club Service Rtn. George
8 Nov Consumer Forum Club Service Dr, Rajyalaxmi
15 Nov

Indo-US Nuclear DealWhat is Means to India

Club Service Dr. R. Kalidas
21 Nov Club Assembly Club Service  
29 Nov The Dog best companion for men Club Service Dr. Mohan Sherma

Weekly Meetings Details From December-2008.

Date Subject Avenue Of Service Speaker/Guest/Locatioin
6 Dec Stress Management Club Service Mr. Srinivas Rao
13 Dec Wine Appreciation Fellowship Club Service Rtn. A. V. Acharr – PDG
20 Dec Indo – Isreal Relationship Club Service Mr. Mark
27-29 Dec

Club FellowshipOut station Picnic at DINDI


Weekly Meetings Details From January-2009.

Date Subject Avenue Of Service Speaker/Guest/Locatioin
3rd & 4th Jan       District Conference at Warangal  


10th Jan Cyber Crimes   Dr. S.P.Shukla
17th Jan Parenting Ques Club Service Mrs. K.Ramasundari
24th Jan Joint Speaker meeting Club Service Jayprakash Narayan,
Lok Satha Party
26th Jan RCSS Medical Camp  
31st Jan   Fellowship  

Weekly Meetings Details From February-2009.

Date Subject Avenue Of Service Speaker/Guest/Locatioin
07 Feb     

Global Melt down & what it  means to India

Club Service


15 Feb Silver Plate located near Paradise circle Fellowship Anns Seema Jain, Indira Sharma & Asha Tibrewala
21 Feb School bench Distribution Community Service Centanaray School
25 Feb Joint Speaker meeting Club Service Mr.C.J.Karira
26 Feb Meeting of BODs