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Rotary is symbolic with service - in the community, in the workplace, and throughout the world. Rotarians develop community service projects that address many of today's most critical issues, such as children at risk, polio, poverty and hunger, the environment, illiteracy, and violence. They also support programs for youth, educational opportunities and international exchanges for students, teachers, and other professionals, and vocational and career development. The Rotary motto has always been Service Above Self.
Our club, Rotary Club of Secunderabad Sunrise (RCSS), has contributed significantly to the community through several service projects. RCSS is one of the youngest clubs in District 3150 with the members in the average age of 45 years. RCSS symbolizes the values of togetherness and fellowship, and these virtues have made the members stand up and be counted at all times of need.
District Heads
Board of Directors
Past President
Past Project
LandMark Of Hyderabad

District Heads

K Sharath Choudary
District Governor (2024 -25)

Board of Directors For SUNRISE : 2024-25

Rtn. Anil Ratan Goyal

Rtn. Sameer Gupta

Rtn. Pawan Tiberewala




President Elect

Who's Who at RCSS (Directors): 2024-25

Rtn. Krishna Narella

Ajit Gandhi
-Executive Secretary
Rtn Ramesh Notani
-Seargent at Arms
Rtn.Rajhans Banka
-Club Trainer
Rtn. Manish Sharma
-Vice President

Rtn. Sanjay Kabra
- Community Service
Rtn. Praveen Sharma
-Youth Services
Rtn. Rajesh Pamnani
-Public Image, International & Magazine
Rtn. Ranjay Goel
Rtn. Lokesh Jain
-Director Club Admin
Rtn.Sandeep Jhawar

Rtn. K. A. Ramayya
-Distt. Co ordinator
Rtn Srinivas Gummidelli
-Director CSR
Rtn. M. Chandrashekar
-Vocational Services
Rtn. LR Surrender
-Chairman Polio

Past President

Narender Gauri
Charter President (2001-02)

Vaman Rao
President (2002-03)

Ajit Gandhi
President (2003-04)

Lokesh Jain
President (2004-05)

S.K. Verma
President (2005-06)

Rajesh Pamnani

B.S. Ravindranth
President (2007-08)

K. A. Ramayya
President (2008-09)

M. Chandra Sekhar
President (2009-10)

Dr.LR Surender
President (2010-11)

Shravan Malani
President (2011-12)

K. Amarnath
President (2012-13)

Phanindra Kumar
President (2013-14)
Rtn.Bimal V Goradia
President (2014-15)
Rtn.Sandeep Jhawar
President (2015-16)

Rtn. Srinivas Gumidelli
President (2016-2017)

Rtn. Samir Gupta
President (2017-18)

Rtn. Praveen Sharma
President (2018-19)

Rtn. Pawan Kumar Tibrewala
President (2019-20)

Rtn. Vijay Rathi
President (2020-21)

Rtn. Ravi Ladia

Rtn. Rajhans Banka
President (2022-23)

Rtn. Krishna Narela
President (2023-24)

Past Project

Touching Hearts and Minds Extending a Helping Hand:    

LandMark Of Hyderabad

Charminar - LandMark of Hyderabad

Birla Temple

Ramoji Film City

Falaknuma Palace
NTR Gardens