Rajesh Pamnani
Rtn.Rajesh Pamnani
Ann.Tanvi Pamnani

Rtn.Rajesh Pamnani
Name Rajesh Pamnani
Telephone +91-40-23410968
  Office No. +91-40-23079121
Mobile +91-98490 13175
Fax +91-40-23078668
E-mail rajesh_pamnani@hotmail.com / info@rndwafers.com
  Date of Birth
Date of Anniv
Blood Group
11th Apr
28th Dec
  Name of Spouse
Date of Birth
Tanvi Pamnani
2nd Jan
+91 9849024050
  Children Names & Date of Birth Rohan Pamnani - (7th Jan)
Sonali Pamnani - (12th Feb)
  Id 5984089
  Languages HI 1 2, EN 1 2
  Classification Mfg Food Processing Equipments
  Post held President (2006-07).
Dist.Chair,Friendship Exchange (07-08)
Rcss-Participation Links
30-April-06 Attending Pets
17-July-06 Installation as president (2006-07)
2006-07 Attending International Club Meetings
30-June-07 Oustanding President (3150)Award