Day 1(16-02-07): AT HOME
Day1_Evening(16-02-07): AT DINNER

Day2(17-02-07): UTSAV
Day3(18-02-07): VISIT TO ZOO & PALACE
Day3 Evening (18-02-07): FAREWELL
Comments By Dr. Doraiswamy On Hiis Return to U.S.
Comments By Todd Macaulay On Hiis Return to U.S.
On behalf of District Governor P.Sambasiva Rao, and all the Rotarians of R.I.District 3150, the District GSE Committee takes immense pleasure in welcoming our GSE Team Members from R.I. District 7930, boston, Masachussets, U.S.A. Hosting members from a foreign Rotary District is one of the most fascinating rotary experiences and in keeping with the legendary Hyderabadi hospitality we extend a warm and cordial welcome to our guests. Andhra Pradesh is a land of History and culture, where tradition and modernity commingle in empathetic harmony offering visitors the experience of a lifetime.


OUR GSE GUESTS FROM BOSTON: (L to R): Dr. Ms. Lori A.Andersen, Todd Macaulay, Team Leader Rtn. Dr.Subbiah “Swami” Doraiswami, Ms.Nancy Riley and Christopher Norris.
GSE Team Information:
Friday,9th February 7.30 a.m.    : Hosts from RC Ameerpet to meet GSE Team at Secunderabad Club  over breakfast. Luggage Transfer.
*   Accoumpanied by GSE Chair Suresh, Team visits Warangal and Hanumakonda. Visit to Thousand Pillar Temple and other places.
 *   GSE Team Presentation at Joint Meetings.
*   Return to Hyderabad aroudn 8.30 p.m. Transfer to Host families of RC Ameerpet.
Hosts RCSS
Dr. Subbaiah Doraiswami                :   Rajesh Pamnani & Tanvi Pamnani
                                                               Plot No. 239 & 240 Vamannayak Lane.
                                                               Uma Nagar,
                                                               Begumpet, Hydeabad 500016.
                                                               Ph.No : 91 40 23402682
                                                               Mobile: 91 98490 13175
                                                               Fax:91 40 23079121
                                                               Email :

Dr. Lori A. Andersen                           :   Samir Gupta & Ritu Gupta
                                                               117,Shanti Niketan Colony
                                                               Mahendra Hills, East Marredpally,
                                                               Secunderabad 500 026
                                                               Ph.No : 91 40 27731286
                                                               Mobile: 91 9391044747
                                                               Email :

Todd Macaulay                                   :   Vaman Rao & Rohini
                                                               56, Sumathi Nilaya
                                                               Road. No.2, West Marredpally,
                                                               Secunderabad 500 026
                                                               Ph.No : 91 40 27800203
                                                               Mobile: 91 98490-21573
                                                               Fax: 91 040 23412527                                                              
                                                               Email :

ChristopherT.Norris                         :   Lokesh Jain & Semma Jain
                                                               Lokdharam 4, Asbestos Colony
                                                               Opp.Food World,Secunderabad 500 026
                                                               Ph.No : 91 40 27840659
                                                               Mobile: 91 93910 38007
                                                               Fax: 91 040 23770504                                                              
                                                               Email :

Ms.Nancy Riley                                :   Shravan Malani & Shreya
                                                               Flat No.24/25, Saravasukhi colony
                                                               West Marredpally,Secunderabad 500 026
                                                               Ph.No : 91 40 66380241
                                                               Mobile: 91 98481 77154
                                                               Fax: 91 40 27844943                                                              
                                                               Email :
Comments By Dr. Doraiswamy On Hiis Return to U.S.
Dear Rajesh,

I hope that this is what you wanted. Please feel free to edit the text to suit your purpose.

I consider myself as a lucky Rotarian to have had the opportunity to serve as a GSE team leader from District 7930 Boston to District 3150 Hyderabad,Overall our team members' general feeling was positive. I was privileged to be the guest in your home. Your family and you treated me as a family member. The cultural and vocational experience while in your home, made me aware of Indian culture and hospitality than ever before.  I am ever grateful for this.

My team members have had similar experience with their host families.  I personally witnessed the warmth and congeniality along with lots offunand laughter, while travelling as a group to various places.  All the members of your Club were extremely pleasant, jovial and made sure that our comfort was looked after.  Because of age difference between the team leader and the team members, there were times when the generation gap put us to tasks.  As a team, I hope I managed the tasks well without treading on too many toes!
From my perspective, as a team leader, I had to be the liaison between my team members and the Host Club via the President of the Club.
As a member of the US Delegation, we were very focused on control of time and schedule.  I found that as a team our focus was more on vocational the cultural experience.  Of course, over time this gradually changed and was understood by my team.
One way to avoid such differences may be to emphasis mostly cultural aspects and only a minor part for the vocational theme while selecting members for the team.
The other issue is the hierarchical structure of the Rotary which should be emphasised to all host families and members involved in the programme.  This hopefully would avoid minor conflicts between The Team Members and the Team Leader.
Regards and best wishes,

Comments By Dr. Todd Macaulay On Hiis Return to U.S.
From :  Todd Macaulay <>
Sent :  Wednesday, March 21, 2007 10:00 PM
To :  "Todd Macaulay" <>
Subject :  Hello From America and Thank You
I wanted to email everyone I met a quick note to say hello and to thank you for making our trip to India very enjoyable.  Whether you hosted us for one night or several nights, or if you showed us around for the day, without you we could not have had the experience we did. For the rest of my life I will have fond memories of India all because of the people that we shared it with.If you would like to email me back you can reply to this email or email my personal email account @  I know that many of you talked about coming to USA or already have trips planned.If you need anything while you are here or would like to arrange a meeting please let me know.
 Todd M. Macaulay
Director of Practice Management/Beverly