Donation of bus to swayamkrushi- An Institutin for the Mentally challenged Rotary Club of Glenwood Springs,USA & Rotary Club of Secunderabad Sunrise.

Swayamkrushi was conceived and started in 1991 at Secunderabad, India as a totally unique concept
for the mentally challenged adult girls.
Group Home – A different approach, which helps the adult mentally challenged girls to live, work and learn in natural domestic environment housed in a residential locality, well connected with neighborhood, is adopted. This training is most essential to integrate these challenged persons with the society.

Swayamkrushi is a bold experimental approach for training the mentally challenged which is already producing remarkable results. The very fact that 45 mentally challenged young adults have been successfully trained and empowered over the last 10 years speaks for the efficacy of this unique programme. The positive results of this programme have made Swayamkrushi proceed from one group home at the beginning to six group homes at present.


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