Speaker Meeting (Diwali Dhamaka at Reliance Trends BldgLecture on New Paradigms in Management By Sri Abhiram Krishna) .


The meeting was held on 9.10.2010 at Hotel Marriott as scheduled . The speaker of the Meting was Mr. Abhiram Krishna , a management consultant. The topic was New Paradigms in Management.

At first the meeting was started with President's remarks and thought of the day quoted by Rtn. Rahul Manachanda. Introduction of the Speaker was given by President.

The Speaker in his speech has talked about the eras of the management like Agriculture Era, Industrial Era and the Present one being the Knowledge Era. The present one being the inflection point and we have to excel in managing the business/ enterprise by adopting Speed to the power of Innovation. He has foreseen that in future the employees will be working for many companies simultaneously . The manager has to build the relationship with client should foresee the future value of the customer. Managers who can build teams and survive the stress can have quaranteed future. He classified the employees tn three categories like Actively disengaged , Disengaged and Passionate employees. Only Passionate employees are like to survive. The meeting ended with the last laugh quoted by Rtn.Samir Guptha.