Report On Rotary Foundation By Narender Gauri on 15th December 2005..

Sunrise Foundation............Background

Rotary club of Secunderabad sunrise is now a vibrant club with its rays truly emerging in the panoramic

Our efforts have been acknowledged by the rotary foundation and we have received recognition banner and congratulatory letters for being one among:-

Top three clubs in our district in Highest Annual Programms fund contributions
Top three clubs in Highest Per capita annual programs fund contributions
For the rotary year 2004-2005.

Sunrise Knowledge…….Awareness
In the month of November we had invited PP Rtn C. Suresh who delivered a lecture on rotary Foundation which was well attended by the members of the club.
Information on rotary Foundation has been circulated to each member of the club during the Rotary Foundation Month - November
Sunrise Sunrays…….POA: 2005-2006

The boards of Directors have finalized a contribution to the rotary foundation to a rune of 30% from the profit made in fund raisers conducted in the aforesaid rotary year.

New members inducted will contribute towards rotary foundation and shall become PHF (Paul Harris Fellow) and retain the title of 100% PHF club.

Contribution of Rs. 750/- per Rotarian towards district conference JATARA-2006 has been unanimously agreed as mandatory. The contribution of the non participating members will be paid to Rotary Foundation.
…….each ray of light contributes to the “SUNRISE”