Club Services on 22-7-07

Dear Rotaraians & friends,

We have attended membership development seminar at Vijayawada on Sunday the 22nd. It was for RI distr.3150 3020 and 3160

Mr.KRP Sarathy and Mr.Sreedhar Raju have accompanied me in attending this conference.

The conference was extremely useful and educative for membership development in the clubs. The chief guest RI director Rtn.Ashok Mahajan spoke extremely interesting and practical. His theory is to get a member by the member.

Rtn.Rajalakshmi spoke on the importance of adding lady members in the clubs and stressed need and pointed that it is the only solution for sustainance of the clubs.

We also played cricket match after the confierence and three cheers for the dist.3150 for an astounding victory.


The Multi District Seminar on Membership Development (ABHIVRIDDHI) hosted by Rotary Club Of Vijayawada at Vijayawada on 22nd July 2007 was crisp,meaningful,well organised and well attended programme.We had excellent speakers led by none other than RI Director Ashok Mahajan who delivered the Key Note Address preceded by crisply and meaningfully presented overview by Rtn.Sam Movva,RRIMC (ZONE 6A).

It was very heartening to note that Dist 3150 was very well represented in the seminar with around 300 registrations and they made their presence really felt.
District Governor Dr.Vijendra Rao and Seminar Leader and IPDG Sam Patibandla and all veteran and present leaders of RI Dist 3150 must take pride and pat their backs for the relatively significant growth of Members in our District (one of the toppers in Zone 6A) as per the statistics displayed. But we must not be complacent since we have yet to grow to attain the targeted average of 3000 Rotarians per District, which we have to make it up with renewed resolve and dedication. And also when we look at the overall growth of Rotary World (which is only 0.5%) it is really alarming and needs our immediate attention.

So the clear message inferred from the seminar is to continue to rededicate ourselves to Membership Growth, Retention and Extention with particular emphasis on inducting and popularising Rotary amongst Women, who are already proving to be very committed and dedicated members in our District.” Every Drop of Water Makes an Ocean" and “contribute your mite to the growth of Rotary World" shall be the war cry of the Hour.

You all may be aware that Cricket Fellowships in our District and particularly in my club has made significant difference in growth and retention of Members and has been recognised as an excellent medium for inculcating a sense of belonging, togetherness and team work not only in the individual clubs but cutting across the Districts, Country and International affliations of Rotary World.

Rtn.Sam Movva of RI Dist 3020 (who thinks alike, being a passionate cricketer himself) has been co-ordinating with us for a quite a while to have a cricket fellowship game between Dist 3020 and Dist 3150 but it was getting postponed for various unavoidable reasons. But the stage and platform was set by him for it to fructify as part of Fellowship activity during the above Seminar on 22nd July07.
Thus we had a thoroughly enjoyable and wonderful fellowship game after the completion of seminar in the Indira Priyadarshini Municipal stadium. The lush green venue and enthusiastic cricket lovers of Rotary Dists 3020 and 3150 made it a memorable occasion.

Although Dist 3150 won the game, the result was irrelevant compared to the bondage and fellowship it generated amongst the Rotarians cutting across the District lines. My special recognitions to Cricket Rtns.Sreedhar Raju/Jagdeep Saini /Venugoplal Rao/JS Patel and all team members of our Dist 3150 for their excellent support to me on the field and Rotary Leader Sam Movva and his entire team from Dist 3020 for their inspiring fighting qualities on the field in true Rotary spirit.

We congratulate and thank every Rotarian involved in organising the Seminar at Vijayawada for their loving and wonderful hospitality.

Our next meeting would be on 28th Saturday 8.30 AM over break fast a speaker meet on solid waste management. Details will be given again by our club service director Rtn.Mudit soon.

Wish you good luck

for R.C.S.Sunrise