Fellowship:-Visit to Koylagudem on 22-8-04 :


The Club organized a luxury bus and all members traveled together in the hour and a half drive to the village. It was PP Rtn. Vaman’s wedding anniversary the same day and all member assemble at this house for a surprise celebration.

Click here for Rtn. Vaman's Wedding anniversy


Members enjoying the ride to the Koyyalagudem Village

The drive to the village wan an enjoyable one. All members were in full flow and participated in Antakshri that was played enroute. We reached the village at 11:00 am and assembled a the Village Weavers Co-Operative Society, where we were joined by the members of the society for a guided tour of the village.

Members watching the workers weave their magic
It was a very interesting and informative tour especially when we come to understand the kind workmanship and hard work goes behind making a single meter of woven fabric. We visited many weaver workshops, dyers, yarn makers, color mixers and learned how fabric is woven.


The tour was followed by a lunch that was organized by the villagers. It was an impressive and mouth watering spread of local cuisine and members stuffed themselves to the full. All members participated in cricket and others Games organized by the hosts. Anns did a bit of shopping of woven fabrics that are available at very reasonable rates at the Society Shop.

We thank PP Rtn. Vaman Rao for his efforts in organizing such a fun-filled outing and Rtn. Jitender for hosting such a wonderful event. We all look forward to many more such outing that take togetherness and fellowship within our club to a next level