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President Rtn. Rajesh Pamnani was on a business tour of Central Europe.He was also an ambassador for RCSS. In Poland he has visited the city of Poznan ( which has 3 Rotary Clubs ) and was lucky to attend the meetings of all the clubs which included a fellowship and a friendship exchange stay at one of the fellow rotary presidents residence. He was also fortunate to meet another visiting president from Italy. In fact it was an impromptu International meet with Rotary President's from Italy ,Poland and India Of course over wine, vodka, cheese and Table football.In the process a lot of ideas were discussed and exchanged which Rajesh would surely share with our club members enthusiastically.


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Dear Rajesh,

You are a true Ambassador of our rotary District in Poland. Convey my good wishes to all the Rotarians there.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks you.