Interview-Narender Gauri

Madhu : Define RCSS in one sentence?
Narender : RCSS is A SMART club.
Motivated people
Rotary Movement
Transcending all barriers

Madhu : Your experience as a Charter President of Sunrise Club in the year 2001-2002?
Narender : Amazing! It was actually a great experience to build the club from scratch, frame up systems and get going on the club affairs. It was surely time consuming but I knew the worth… all this of-coarse would not be a reality without the guidance of our GSR Rtn. Suresh, Rtn D. N. Gauri and many others.

Madhu : Views/suggestions on improving membership and attendance?
Narender : Involving / Introducing the Rotary to a new member should happen either at a fellowship or at an important Rotary event. Existing Rotary members must bring in their prospective member (friends / associates) not just once but over a couple of times. There is High probability that repeated interactions of the Prospect with club member and our activities will induce him to enquire how he could become a member of the club. Such Self motivated prospects will definitely get involved into the routine activity of the club which in the long run helps strengthen the club and also retention. For enhancing attendance the agenda of any meeting should be circulated / intimated much in advance to members and the responsibilities should also be given to them so that their involvement is assured.

Madhu : How has the fact of being a Rotarian influenced you personally and professionally?
Narender : I have NO time! Call me later! I am very busy and I can’t take it up !!!!!! are a few statements which are very commonly used by people in our day to day affairs.Rotary however is a group of self-motivated people who are achievers and stalwarts in their own fields. Meeting such people repeatedly would rub on you a lot of positive traits like discipline and time management to name a few. Rotary is an amazing platform to share experiences and learning, be it personal or professional.

Madhu : How do you see the future of this Club?
Narender : Very soon we will be a strong 50 - 60 member club. With involvement of each member, envisaging a “one project per member per year” situation is not difficult. We will be able to achieve a mind boggling result and surely great satisfaction. We shall continue to retain the status of being a 100% Paul Harris Fellow Club. The true success lies in continuing this status and I am sure the club will do so.

Madhu : What prompted you to join Rotary?
Narender : Like most people, the first few years after my education, I was busy building my career. My father being an active Rotarian would also organize programs at our Ashram where I would get involved wherein the urge to grow on fellowship and involvement on social service got invoked.

Madhu : On the programs undertaken by the Club?
Narender : On taking up a community service projects which could be slight stretch on resources and then working towards making both ends meet is a true example of exuberance, and the never say die attitude …….
“Dandia” as a classical example of our fundraiser, achieved its objective owing to Involvement of each member and the zest that each one worked for it with. In its own way the program did help in strengthening the bond of this young family - RCSS

Madhu : Role of your family
Narender : Contribution to society is as important as much as one would expect to get from the society. Unconditional support and involvement from my family has been a great factor for enabling me to contribute on whatever I have been able to so far.

Madhu : Any incident in real life that has brought about a change in your attitude to or taught you something beautiful?
Narender : The importance of “ Dedication, Sincerity, Benevolence” ….its taken more than just one incident to learn these amazing attributes that my role model – my Dad has brought about in a phased and steady manner in my life. From the humble beginning as a trader to a well renowned Businessman the path that my Father tread was not easy. Yet with all the dedication and sincerity he continued to believe in his dreams and make it come to life! Not only is he a great business man, he is also a role model for all those who think beyond just business … who think that they ought to give back to society more than what they get…who think that business is not complete without “ Social Responsibility”.The vast number of service projects that he has contributed to and the foundation of the Ashram for the underprivileged are manifestations of his humane nature. I still continue to learn from him.

Madhu : Parting Shot.
Narender : Success in life is not a measure of wealth status or fortune…. the true essence of living is achieved when “ One other Person has smiled because you have lived”