Installation Nite: 11th July'10, Minerva Grand Hotel,SD Road,Secunderabad

Installation nite invite

Banner of Installation Nite

President Surender delivering his welcome address

Secretary Amarnath receiving Charter

Secretary Amarnath Information month long program

President Surender being Installed

Board of Directors for the year 2010-11

Masters of Cermony Rtn. Samir and Ann Ritu

RCSS Members, Guest and their Family present on Installation nite

The Installation of Rotary club of Secunderabad Sunrise was conducted at Hotel Minerva Grand at 7.00pm on 11.7.2010. Chief Guest of the evening was Dr. Geetha Reddy ,tourism Minister Govt.of A.P could not attend the meeting due to her indispostion. Guest of Honour Sri. Seyed Hasnain, Vice- Chancellor of hyderabad university graced the occassion.Asst. Governor Incharge Rtn.Ujjwwal Tibrewal attended thefunction.

Meeting was started by the invocation of Annette Vidushi daughter of Rtn.Sandeep Jhawar (member of RCSS) . Later meeting was called to order by the outgoing President Rtn.Chadrashekar. He has welcomed the guests consisting Anns,annnetes,Members of the clubs, and totalling 100ns. Rtn. Shekar has briefly outlined the activities undertaken by the club for the year 2009-10 supported by power point presentation . He has also thanked various Rotarians who have helped him in executing his plans . later outgoing Secretary Rtn. Joseph P George, has presented the report for the entire year specially mentioning the acheivement likeArushi,Adoption of the Govt School ec.

Later rtn. Ujjwwl Tibrewal, Asst Governor installed Rtn. Surendar as President and Rtn.Amarnath,as Secretaryalong with Board of Directors for the year 2010-11 . In his acceptance speech Rtn. Surender has outlined his plan for the current year stating that as he is the tenth President of the club. He plans to contribute $10,000 for Rotary foundation on all counts and planning to donate 10,000 Nos. Notebooks in the next academic year from the club. he also want to pursure the target given by Dt. Governor Rtn.Rajyalaxmi in respect of planting trees to save the planet earth. President has started his activity of the year by distributing note books to various schools worth Rs.30,000/- on this occassion.

Guest of Honour Seyed Hasnain has praised the previous activities of the club and was surprised to know that End Polio Intiative was started and implemented by Rotary. He has comapred India as Gemini i.e. two faced Nation India with Metro cities with all the development and Bharath with lack of development of the Nation. Rtn..Ujjwwal Tibrewal has praised the activities of the previous year and volunteered to give his fullest cooperation to the current team inexecuting the plans. The meeting came to end thanks giving by Rtn. Amarnath, Secretary of the current year.