Fellowship with Family -Hosted by Rtn. Mudit & Rtn. Ramayya on 15 October 06 :-


15th October - Fellowship hosted by Rtn Ramayya and Mudit Mudit and Ramayya hosted an evening fellowship dinner at Hotel RV (Celebrity club) Somajiguda. There were lot of exciting games and prizes to be won. Everyone had a Gala time and Diwali being around the corner there were lots of plans and promises for Pre-Diwali Tash Parties. The evening wound up with some delicious and lip smacking dishes for dinner. Indeed it was a very memorable event.


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Comments by Rotarians.

Subject : Lahari Resorts ....
Date : Tue, 3 Oct 2006 12:52:02 +0530
From :"srinivas gumidelli" <srinivas_ceo@cacheperipherals.com>
Hi Rotarians,
At the outset, I thank and appreciate our Fellowship Committe Chairman, Rtn Lokesh Jain for selecting Lahari Resorts at Patancheru.
It is definitely one of the Best Resorts in our city and there was Quality in everything. Be it Service, Rooms,
Decor and Aesthetics, Food or Entertainiment.
Our family had enjoyed every minute spent in the Resort.
I am sure everybody would agree with me.
I also thank all the Rotarian Families who were part of this Fellowship and made it a
Grand Success.
My sincere advice to all the Rotarians who missed this opportunity is that "as long as Lokesh is the
Fellowship Committee Chairman" please don't miss any fellowships.
You would regret later. I am not boasting, it is a fact.
Photographs should follow ....from our beloved President Rajesh.

Thanks and Regards

Rtn Srinivas Gumidelli
Vice President.

Subject : Lahari Resorts ....
Date : Tue, 3 Oct 2006 22:15:28 +0530
From :"Shravan Malani" <shravan.malani@gmail.com>

Dear Rotarians,

The trip to Lahri Resorts was indeed a memorable one. I thank all the rotarians who attended and made the trip an enjoyable one. I also thank Rtn. Lokesh for selecting such a wonderful place and organizing the trip.

In the future we look forward to more such wonderful trips and also more participation from the members

Warm Regards
Shravan Malani

Subject : Lahari Resorts ....
Date : Wed, 4 Oct 2006 10:55:17 +0530
From :<anilgoyal@jaishree.com>

Dear Rotarians,
Indeed the trip to Lahri resorts was a great one. I think all members and specially Rtn Lokesh for the same.

Anil Goyal