Ann Ashu Gauri
W/o Rtn. Narender Gauri

Ann Ashu Gauri
Married to Rtn PP Narender Gauri for 26 years
Blessed with two loving daughters Gunjan & Suesha
Lived and graduated from Punjab till I got married in Hyderabad. Back then, wasn't much for me in Hyderabad other than the family. I was married in hence the city appeared conservative and boring. As time passed, I find Hyderabad to be the best place for anyone to live with so many activities, socialites, simple and transparent folks.
Love making friends and socializing and miss that during these Covid days. Love experimenting with dishes I churn out from my kitchen. Happy as long as my family and friends term me super-chef.
Would love to go out and watch movies, due to the present day limitations, watch a lot of series on TV and loads of movies. Real stories excite me and get me glued to the screen.
In my own way I contribute my time to some of the social causes including spending time at our family Ashram.