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Dear Rajesh

I am very glad to have received your email and I have forwarded to my DG and TRF President waiting for instructions from them. It is going to be a pleasure to have you in our district but I would like to know exactly what days are you planning to be here in Bs As because as you may know Cordoba is almost 800kms from where we are. As soon as you let me know I will organise a program for your stay. It is also important that you let me know if you have arranged accomodation for yourself during those days here or if you want me to do so also with the airport transfer, etc. Some more details would be great.
You already know my name and telling you a little bit about myself I am 38 years old, English teacher, actually I am not teaching but running my own school and educational consultancy and I have a handfull 5 year old son. I live with my wife in Ramos Mejia which is 10kms away from BA down town. I have been in Rotary for the last 20 years and I was involved in Interact, Rotaract, I was a youth exchange student to South Africa, GSE team leader, club president, DG assistant.....quite busy in Rotary eh! jajaj! Well I donĀ“t know what else I can tell you and might be of your interest. Please ask.
I look forward to hearing from you soon and also to meet you.
Kind regards.

Comments from RI:
Dear Rotarian Pamnani,

Thank you for your report on your Rotary Friendship Exchange activities. We always appreciate information about the successful exchanges carried out, and it is good to see that your district continues to be actively involved in this program to foster international understanding and fellowship.

The photos are wonderful! As soon as receive your detailed report, I will gladly submit your story to to the necessary department for possible publication.
Our sincerest thanks!

I wish you the best of luck for continued success with the Rotary Friendship Exchange program.

Muriel Marseille

Muriel Marseille
Programs Correspondent
Service Support and Awards
Rotary International