Community Services:-Medical Camp at Centenary School

Brief Report on Medical Camp: on 4.12.2010 RCSS Members have gathered at Centenary School, Secunderabad along with
Doctors from MNR Medical College, Sangareddy. The college had sent fully equipped bus with Dental chair and equipments to
diagonise and treat minor dental Problems on the spot. The School authorities have made proper arrangements and camp was conducted in a systematic manner. About 400 children were given tooth paste and Brush along with Biscuits. They were trested fo Dental Problems and 300 were diagonised minor ailments and treated on the spot with the help of Doctors including our President Dr. L.R. Surender.

Simultaneously Rtn. Dr. Kailash Guptha had addressed the girl students of 8th, 9th and 10 th classes about Maintaining proper health in adolescent age. About 70 girls were identified with Iron deficiency. The club has promised to arrange tablets girls with Iron Tablets for about one year and advised the teachers to cooperate with the club for making them healthy. Prenstide has assured the school he will visit the school once again to check and help the children to maintain proper health.