Club Service :First Club Assembly of our club on 24-7-2010 at Hotel Maiott.

President Surender welcome address at First Club assembly

Director Community Ramayya Presentingmhis year long program

Director Membership Presenting is report at Club assembly


Dear Rotarian,

The first club assembly of our club is conducted today at Hotel Mariott.At first the president has welcomed the Members. In his inaugural speech while appreciating the work of previous
president he has informed the members that his plans for the futur

President has advised the Directors viz.Community Service(Rtn.Ramyya),Director Membership(Rtn.J.P.vasandani) ,Director Public Relations (Rtn.Srinivas Gumidelli) to present heir plans
of action for the current year.

Rtn.Ramayya has indicated that he plans to distribute 10,000 Notebooks, 1000nos.Benches,10,000 trees to be planted. He also assured to continue the services to the Adopted School
i.e Govt. Primary School,.Dovton, Bollarum and complete the implemetation of RO Water plant at Godumakunta (Vill). He hasalso announced the commitee of members to implement his

Rtn. Vasandani ,has informed that he wish to increase the Membership by 10 % i.e.5 members by the end of current year.He mentioned that ,he wish to give preference to the Lady
members, as our club is having only two lady members.

Rtn.Srinivas Gumidelli has informed the house that, he will put his best efforts to prove our club is the best in public relations in the district.

Rtn.Ravundranath has informed the club that DG planned for more donations from each member to the Rotary foundation on a continuous basis through out the year.He Distributed the
boxes to every member to drop money in to them and return the box at the end of the year. and acumulated donations of all the members of the club shall be sent to foundation at the end
of the year

Rtn.Lokesh jain, Chairman Fellowship has plans to conduct regular fellowships , tour to outside Hyderabd and suggested that, we should have meeting with families including children for
every two months, which is accepted by every one.

Rtn.Ajay Seth has suggested tha we should have good speakers with diversified topics to attract more members to the meetings and have higher percentage of attendence.

Rtn.Amarnath ,Secretary has informed the forth coming events of the club including District Memebrship Seminar on 25-7-10 at Vijayawada and requested members to pariticipate in
large nos. in the event.

Rtn.Samir guptha has informed the house that the plan of implementing various community service project require heavy funding for which RCSS trust has to be strenghthened .

President while appreciating the plans of directors and views of the members informed the club that, he wish to have Fund Raising Programme with a popular Musician.

Last laugh was prented by Rtn.Ravindranath

Meeting ended iwth enthusiastic note.

with Rotary Greetings,