RCSS Speaker Meeting on Saturday, 31st October 2020.

I thank Rotarians for attending the speaker meeting . *Mr Jayaraman is a practicing CS and has contributed around Rs. 2.5 crore * and established a gowshala where he is taking care of 267 cows. The cost of maintaining a cow is around 1400/- per month . The insight on Indian cows was an eye opener . Our Indian cows are in great demand overseas. There is not much government support for political reasons . He has urged that a movement should be created for protecting the Indian cows who are not fetching milk . He has invited Rotarians to visit the gowshala he is maintaining. I request members to contribute generously for the cause .. I thank Rtn Ramaiah for announcing a contribution for Rs. 11000/-
From our club we are contributing Rs. 11000/- . Members are welcome to announce their contributions which can be as low as Rs 1400 which is equivalent to the cost of one cow's fodder for one month