RCSS Speaker Meeting on Saturday, September 16th, 2017.

Dear members,

The is with regard to our scheduled meeting on this Saturday. As you have already been informed we have specially requested the speaker Mr. Ajit Swami from Pune to deliver a speech on "Crypto Currency" on which he expertises on.
As we have limited time duration for presentation he STRONGLY RECOMMEND  each of the participant MUST watch below video before our session. It will help them to understand basic concepts.
Please download Zebpay App, which is a digital wallet & Coindesk App, which is a Crypto currency news app.Both App are Free downloads.
Looking forward for a great session with great attendance for a very red hot topic.
For everyone's convenience details of the meetings are again forwarded as under:16.09.2017 -Speaker Meeting

Speaker: Mr. Ajit Swami(Pune)
Area of Specialisation: Crypto currency
Venue : Courtyard Marriott
Time: 8.15 am
Invitees: RCSS Members and interested Ann/Annets
Please give confirmations for the meeting by a
Thanks and regards
Samir Gupta
Ajit Gandhi