RCSS Vocational Visit on 04th October 2015 Sunday Neeraj International School ( Medchal Highway).

Dear Members,

We are planning a unique spiritual vocational visit with the initiative of our Member Rtn. Praveen Sharma.
The details of the visit and a breif about the ashram we are visiting is given below
Date - 04 October
Time - 4 pm
Assembly Point Neeraj International School ( Medchal Highway) 5 kms after Komaplly Flyover.Rtn. Praveen and Rtn Shreedhar Raju would be on the highway to guide you.Sai Geetha Ashram – an abode for spiritual awakening and redressal of grievances. Sai Geetha Ashramoffers succour and solace to the careworn individual, caught in the daily grind of life. Here in the cool environs of the lush green trees, one feels wonderfully restored in body, mind and spirit Sai Geetha Ashram was founded in the year 1987 by His Holiness Sadguru Sri Sri Sri Sai Kumar Babaji. Nature’s Divine Green Garden on earth has a specific purpose so that people may find solutions to their myriad problems through the cosmic divine trees.
This life-giving piece of earth has “Dhanwantari Trees” – that impart good health, “Divine Trees” that brings you closer to the Divine, Nakshatra Vrikshas (Birth Star trees) help nullify navagraha doshas, karmic afflictions and ensure prosperity in life and Kalpa Vrikshas that fulfill our sincere and legitimate desires, “Bhavya Vrikshas” that solve myriad problems – obstacles in business, good health, education, employment, flourishing business and prosperity. Circumambulating all these trees bestows the desired result. Trees are the embodiment of deities and respond promptly when supplicated with faith and worship, because faith is the weapon of your destiny.
The visit is followed by dinner at a wonderful open dhaba. Request you to please confirm the visit with families (no. of people) to plan for arrangements.
Looking forward to a wonderful evening with families.
For clarifications please contact - Rtn. Praveen Sharma
Shravan Malani
Director Vocational RCSS 15-16