RCSS Speaker Meeting By Mr. Deepak Panchal ON Dt.12/7/14 SATURDAY Topic:: SUJOK --The Alternate Therapy

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We had the first meeting of the current year 2014-15 at Topaz hall of Courtyard Marriott.16 members have attended the meeting. Some members had informed that they would not be able to attend as they were out off station /had some other important commitment.

Being a Speaker meeting, Subject chosen by us was on health.Speaker Sri Deepak Panchal has enlighten us on a therapy known as SuJok which can cure the disorder in our body, medicines need not be taken.We can get quick relief from Cold,Cough, Fiver, Body pains etc. with SuJok therapy. He informed that Blood Pressure, Sugar levels can be brought under control with in very shot time, and be cured completely. He mentioned that all disease can be cured with SuJok therapy.
Some of our members has shown lot of interest and had one to one interaction with Sri Panchal after the meeting was adjourned.

I take this opportunity to thank all the members who attended this meeting.