RCSS Mega Joint Meeting on 22nd May at Taj Tristar at 7.30pm.

There is a Joint Meeting Scheduled for us to understand our contribution to the "Rotary's Pledge to Eradicate Illiteracy in South Asia by 2017" and how we as individual Clubs can work towards the over all Aim. The Speaker for the Meeting will be our PDG Jawahar, hence would be interesting.

It is Rotary's "T-E-A-C-H" Programme

Understanding the enormity of the task it is important that we make a start, that too a meaningful one. We wish to achieve this with "Rotary's TEACH Mission".
T= Teacher Support;
E = E-learning;
A= Adult Literacy;
C= Child Development;
H= Happy Schools.

To Make It Understandable to US in his Eloquence Style , Our Very Own PDG Jawahar has Consented to Enlighten US and take Us on our Next Mission Successfully . Request you all to Please Consent for this Mega Joint meeting for all Twin Cities Rotary Clubs.
Block your Date and please readjust your Weekly Meetings Accordingly to Accommodate this new vision meeting .

It's a Countdown of 10 Days .Please ensure Max Attendance , As the Session is going to be Interactive and mind Blowing with PDG Jawahar at the help of the Meeting.

This shall be our almost last Event/ Meeting from the Twin Cities Forum 2013-14. Please support as You always have Done.