RCSS Speaker Meeting At MOMO'S MARRIOT COURTYARD on 12th April 2014.

We have a very interesting TopicĀ "Strategy lessons from War Stories" for the Speaker Meeting on 12 Apr 2014, Saturday being addressed by a acclaimed academician and Speaker " Dr B Kinnera Murthy'. But it has nothing to do with War,, the Stories will definitely give you important lessons to combat the feirce Competitions in the Market that able Businessmen like you face in the present day World. Well "Everything is Fair in Love and War", so do not miss this golden opportunity to listen to golden words of Wisdom.

Breakfast and Fellowship starts at 0830h at Momo's restaurent, Marriot Courtyard followed by the talk at the Hall. Please be on time so that we start on time and finish at a respectable time for you to apply the principles.