RCSS Speaker Meeting on 21st Sep 2013.


Thanks for the excellent attendance and participation of all 26 members. Hope everybody enjoyed the meeting on "internal vibrancy" by Mr Karthik.

We had organized an interesting speaker meeting details are as :

Date : 21st Sep 2013, Saturday
Time : 8:30 am onwards
Speaker Name : Mr Karthik P, Mind Power Reality

Please block your date and attend this vibrant meeting and I am sure you will not regret.

What is Internal Vibrancy ?

Internal vibrancy is an essential factor that happens to every individual when there is a movement in the direction that he or she wants. Here we will be using internal vibrancy to put an end to procrastination. You will be exposed to a totally different reality within you that is one of the major causes of delays that happens to various people at all levels.

Profile of the speaker:

Karthik Poovanam is the FOUNDER and CEO of the well known academy called the MIND POWER REALITY.
He is a certified trainer from the NATIONAL FEDERATION OF NEURO LINGUISTIC PSYCHOLOGY (Florida).
He has authored 33 E-books which brings about creating well being both at emotional and mental levels.

He is the creator of the process called SHIFT IN THE CONSCIOUS STATES OF MIND. This process has been well accepted in the top engineering colleges like
CBIT HYDERABAD and many to name. It has been attend by thousands of students.

His program called UNLEASH THE TRUE POTENTIAL OF A TEACHER has found good acceptance in the International schools.

All the sessions that are designed by Karthik are aimed at helping students and individuals unleash their true potential and perform at their peak levels.