RCSS coin boxes on 27 May 2011.


Dear Rotarian,

Family fellowship on 27.5.2011:As advised by the district, the coin boxes named CHILLARA MAHALAXMI were to be opened between 15.5.11 to 3.6.11, we have arranged the meeting with families to enjoy special occasssion. The collection through the coin boxes is meant for the Rotary Foundation in particular for Eradicating Polio. About 15 Rotarians have come with families and they brought the coin boxes to the meeting. All the boxes were opened . Rtn. Ravindranath PP, has taken active role in conducting the ceremony. on his behalf , he brought four boxes and was able to collect the highest amount as on that date. Anns and Children were very active in helping us to count all the coins and notes. About Rs.26,000/- were collected by opening the boxes. Later on Rtn. Ravindranth has thanked all the participants. He has requested all other members to come forward and send the boxes for opening and also requested to obtain DD in favour of Rotary Foundation in case the coin boxes were not supplied.
The meeting ended with happy & active participation of Family members to the cause of Rotary Cause.

with Rotary greetings,