Speaker Meeting on 21-04-2011.


Dear Rotarians,

This is the joint Speaker meeting held with RC Secbad Cantonment held at Taj tri Star at 7.00pm. Since It is a joint meeting RC Secbad Cantonment. After having snacks and tea at the hotel,The president of the Host club has invited members of both the clubs and briefly read about their programmmes. The incoming Secretary of their club has shared the experience of the PETS and SETS training programme. Later on the president of our club has informed the audince of the recently held club programmes. Secretary Rtn. Amarnath,RCSS has announced the forth coming programmes of the club

Memeber of RC Secbad Cantt. Has introduced the Speaker Ms. Radhika. Later Speaker started talking about RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT. She has taken quite a good no. of examples in personal life. while explaining the importance of Relationship and improving them to have a peaceful life. She has also quoted real life incidents which has changed the lives of many.The audience were spell bound for about 45 min. later on interactive session was also held. Every body who has attended the programme was very much impressed.

We have also thanked RC Secbad Cantt. for arranging such a nice speaker.

With Rotary Greetings,

Secretary, RCSS