Speaker Meeting at Hotel Marriott .


Dear Rotarian,

We have arranged the speaker meeting in continuation of our endeavor in sharing the knowledge of people in various people.

At first the President the meeting called to order. after the thought of the day was shared among members and Presidents remarks and Secretary has informed the audience the latest events including the visit of DG. Secretary has highlighted the geuerosity of Srinivas Gumidelli in giving the contribution of the club in atching grant amount and Rs. 25,000/- further towards 20 more benches on 11.3.2011. Every one present there has applauded the generosiity of the member.The Rotary information was presented by Rtn. Vaman Rao(PP).

Later Speaker Sri(Dr.) Karunaker was introduced by Rtn. Srinivas Gumidelli. Speaker is Director of Narsi Monji Inst of Mgmt Hyderabd. He had enteractive session with the members on the topic WORK LIFE Balance which is highly relevant topic for every member. He has asked us to draw a circle pof our actiivites of individual and divide it into 8 parts. Each art is denoted by the following.

1)Finances (2)Physical Well Being (3)Primary Relation Ship (4)Secondary Relationships (5)Personal Growth (6)Physical Growth (7) Rest and relaxation (8)Profession and asked every one to think give rating to each and every item from 1 to 10 according their present working.

He concluded that it is the final essence of o=e"s own personal assessment of his own activity and reflects his own personal balance in the life. Every one was astounded by the simple conclusion derived with such a simple activity. The interactive session as very much interesting. Rotarians have thanked him for his sharing knowledge.