Brief report on Vocational visit :


Dear Rotarians,

As planned and arranged by Rtn. Srinivas Gumidelli and Rtn. S.K. Varma ,all the Rotarians gathered at Chutneys Restaurants, situated at Begumpet. After having tasty food ,the Rotarians re-assembled at Gumidelli Estate at Begumpet and recoganised them selves in various cars . About 14 cars consisting 50 members including Rotarians, Ann's ,Children started to Fabcity.

First they have gone to the factory named M/S. S.P. Soft Digital Media situated at Hardware Park. Maheshwaram . We were warmly welcome by the staff of the factory. They informed that they are manufacturing DVD's both blank and recored . Every body so enthused to see how the DVDs are manufactured and then recorded at the factory . The Factory is highly sophisticated and automated . The children were really amazed to see the process.

Then we have started to Solar Semi conductors lts situated at Fabcity Maheshawarm. We were welcome by Mr. Raju, Senior official of the company . He has shown us the presentation about the company . He has also informed that renewable energy like solar energy has to be tapped in view of depleting fuel reserves,and pollution. We have been taken around the manufacturing of Solar Panels. It was informed that the 95% of production is being exported only 5% is marketed in india. We were shown solar powered water pumps, Water heaters etc being manufacured by them. The visitors were very happy to see the Robots are involved in the manufacture of Solar Panels. After thanking Mr. Raju for giving us an opportunity , we have returned to Hyderabad.Every Rotarian present have highly appeciated the efforts of Rtn. Srinivas Gumidelli and Rtn.SK Varma.

With Rotary greetings,

Secretary, RCSS