Speaker Meeting at Hotel Marriott .


Dear Rotarian,

As per the schedule we have started gathering at hotel Marriott on 2.1.11 .Being the first day after celebration of New Year, . By 10.30 most members have come. President have started the meeting with New Year Greetings to every one.After getting knowing the Rotary information and Secretary anounced the programmes for the current month which included the visit to the Solar Semiconductor factory, Polio Programme, Grand Medical camp at Vargal Thought for the day was read by our member. The Speaker Ramesh Vemuganti was introduced by Rtn. J.P.Vasandani. The Speaker is known to many of members being Vice Preident of the HMA. The Speaker started with introducing himself as the faculty in various Management institutes and Marketing of IT Products and he informed that His experience for the past many years have been made abstract as 8 I"s for Success. For each and every step, he had interacted with members which I come in to the next in the serial.

First I being the INTEGRITY (Honest + Committment + Discipline) which is the top most priority to build the successful career/ enterprise. Second I being the initiative to start any action. Third I being Indepth Knowledge in the subject with which the person wants to deal in building his career/ enterprise. Fourth I being Intensity being the passion to move forward in the direction we planned. Fifth I being Innnovative . which is the oredr of the day as he emphasised that be Distinct or Extinct. Sixth I being Interpersonal Skills which every one of us know that without which we can not build the team and for every success ful man we badly need a team. Seventh I being Intution being the inner knowledge when tom start the work or where to stop. Eighth I being the Integration . Integrationg our team in to build a formidable enterprise.

During and after the Speech the Members were actively participating with the Speaker.The last laugh was read by Rtn. Vaman Rao, PP and after which vital statistics was read and meeting came to an end..

with Rotary greetings,